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    What does the first-ever terrorism charge against MS-13 member really mean?

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Mancos Marshal’s Office and the Town of Mancos (CO) Will be Hosting

This course covers the complexities of the Mexican Culture in regards to its history, religion, politics, law, traditions, folklore and much more. The Course provides law enforcement professionals and other investigators, the tools to recognize indicators of non-criminal activity versus those of criminal activity. Participants will develop a more thorough understanding of the Mexican culture, and as such be able to provide better service to their ever-changing communities. The beginning of the course, has been described as a “cultural awareness class on steroids, as it relates to criminal behaviors vs. non-criminal behaviors.” A heavy emphasis will be placed on the “Narco Cultura” (Mexican Drug Cartel Culture), including but not limited to: Mexican identification documents, “Narco” fashions, symbols used, and individual information on the most powerful groups and their tactics. Officers will also be schooled on the difference between “Folk Saints” and “Patron Saints”; and detailed, extensive instruction on the “Narco Saints” will be presented with the use of a large “Narco shrine”, other tools and actual handson practical exercises; which now includes a how-to skill in reading and / or interpreting a multitude of different religious shrines. The course also focuses on current trends and drug trafficking in the U.S., as well as additional subjects including Anti-Bias Policing, Community Policing, Officer Safety and Marijuana issues. This will benefit ANY investigator and others (in any field of assignment) who may encounter indicators of innocent cultural beliefs and possible warning signs of activity. Furthermore, this training has been a valuable asset in investigations ranging from simple interactions with the public to traffic stops, and from burglaries and arson investigations to a double homicide/assassination. For additional information please go to


“Narco Shrine” at the Fishers Police Dept. in Indiana June 2019

click link for more information:

Mancos Class.pdf

Upcoming JUNE 2020 

QCSO New Mexico Class 2020.pdf

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